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Adam Radly Bob Bates have raised capital for many ventures but is it as easy for everyone to raise capital? This interesting article from Tech Crunch about a new fund that is focussed on helping black female founders.

After launching a $36 million fund earlier this year to help support black female founders,Backstage Capital isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Today, the fund’s founder and managing partner Arlan Hamilton announced that it will launch an accelerator to further amplify and support the best companies led by underestimated founders.

The four cohorts will be located in Philadelphia, London, Los Angeles and a fourth city to be determined through a public vote.

“We decided on Los Angeles because the ecosystem is really prime for it,” Hamilton said onstage today at Disrupt SF at Moscone West. “There is just the most diverse group of founders and types of companies they’re building. There is a lot there to pull from.”

See the rest of the article here.

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